Surfshark Review (2022)

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If you are searching for the best Surfshark review at the internet? No problem, we got you covered at ProXPN. The last couple of years, we saw an enormous growth in the amount of VPN providers at the market, which is quite logical since an estimated 35% of internet users have been using VPN services the past year. Choosing the right one can be quite a task, but don't worry about it because we are here to help you out. Read our in-depth Surfshark guide and learn everything about this service, we are quite sure that once you’re done with reading you will know if this service suits you best.

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Surfshark VPN is ranked as one of the best VPNs that provide great value for your money. For as low as a 2 euros monthly subscription fee, you are guaranteed a user-friendly, anonymous, secure, and fast VPN connection with a wide range of options.

The Surfshark VPN is your go-to option for an affordable and secure VPN connection.

Ease of Use

The Surfshark VPN review gives it an average score of 9.3 on the Surfshark app. This is evident due to the Surfshark features, some of which are:

  • Surfshark VPN is relatively fast and easy to install
  • Surfshark boasts software and app that is highly efficient and user-friendly
  • Surfshark VPN provides support for a majority of devices and operating systems
  • Surfshark VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections on the Surfshark server.
  • Surfshark VPN offers a wide range of payment options

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Surfshark VPN Installation

Creating an VPN account with Surfshark ltd comes with the highest ease available. It opens you to a wide range of possibilities through the Surfshark search function, such as the various software, apps, and extensions that the Surfshark VPN software supports and its advanced features.

Make sure you turn to Surfshark's privacy policy before you go ahead with installing the VPN software. The software can be gotten from Google Play Store or Windows for about 26MB.

Upon installing the Surfshark VPN software, log in and get started immediately.


Surfshark offers a very simple, user-friendly interface. It requires no added settings on installation as its default user settings are good for most users.

Connect to the service as follows:

  1. Use the overview to choose a country of the static IP servers you want to connect to
  2. Some countries have multiple server locations to select from
  3. You are connected immediately by selecting a country.
  4. Your IP address will change within a few seconds and encrypt your connection depending on the strength of your internet service provider network.

One of the most notable and standout features of Surfshark is its ability to perform speed tests and give you the option of the VPN server with the fastest possible VPN services available to you. It does this by pinpointing the best server locations available for you with the fastest VPN connections and automatically connects you to it, leaving you out of the process.

The tested Surfshark android app often is better than its fellow Windows version.

The major disadvantage of the Surfshark is its lack of support for other languages on both the app and software for Windows. For users fluent in English, this is not a problem for you.


A complete overview of the unlimited devices, operating systems, and web browsers that makes Surfshark one of the most stand-out providers of excellent VPN service is detailed on the Surfshark official website.

Here are some of the most common operating systems Surfshark supports:

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

The best data breach monitoring service available among VPN companies provides adequate support for smart TVs and Android TV on several devices.

It can also be downloaded as a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your device

One oI the added benefits of choosing this VPN company is that the Surfshark servers have a server infrastructure that affords an unlimited number of devices to be granted access.

Finally, Surfshark can also be configured for the router. A handy video explains how.

Payment options

Surfshark offers one of the best VPN protection services with its security features. It also provides one of the most diverse and easiest payment options available with adequate customer support measures.

Here are some of the payment options available for you to choose from:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sofort

Its payment options offer a wide coverage among many major locations, ensuring there is no limit to its reach across various destinations across the globe.

An advantage that most people exploit while making payment for the Surfshark VPN server is the special ability to choose the country where VAT payment would apply. Is it legal though?

This option is not only accustomed to Surfshark but is fast becoming a norm among VPN companies that provide VPN services.

Best alternative for your privacy

When you connect to the Internet via a VPN, the VPN app on your device (also called a VPN client) establishes a secure connection to a VPN server. Your traffic still goes past your internet provider, but they can no longer read it or see its final destination.

The websites you visit can no longer see your original IP address, only the IP address of the VPN server which is shared with many other users and changes regularly.

ProXPN Expert Score

4,8 /5

Customer Service

Surfshark boasts fast, reliable, and user-friendly customer service to its customers. You can spend as little as under a minute to get an immediate response.

It also provides customer support via its live chat or email feature which can be accessed through its site or mobile android app. Its services are readily available at any instant or day of the week.

Privacy & safety

Surfshark's speed and security features give it a total rating of 9.6 among other VPN server companies.

  • It offers anonymity for virtual private networks seeking access to their VPN servers and opening a VPN account.
  • The Surfshark VPN provider keeps no log.
  • With its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, in which data retention laws do not apply.
  • Surfshark uses excellent encryption and the most secure security protocols.
  • It offers a kill switch feature that is tested and trusted.


For newbies seeking to make payment with the iDEAL or bitcoin payment option, you must only provide an email address to open an account.

This ensures you maintain complete anonymity when logged into the VPN server as no personal data can be gotten from your email address.

For those intending users who want to use the credit card payment option, the name of the cardholder is required as is common when making payments with your card.

The security of your account is given the highest priority at Surfshark with its security measures which mandates you to set a strong password of your choosing or enable its secure two-step verification.

Log Policy

Surfshark offers a strict no-log or data retention policy in its bid to provide its customers with the most secure VPN connection it can provide.

Surfshark now runs on RAM-only servers. The benefit of this new development is that no internal memory is required, which means that your data is only stored temporarily and is deleted upon termination of the VPN connection.

ProXPN Expert Tip

When choosing a VPN, it’s important to consider everything that it offers. Many alternative options, like NordVPN, offer similar (or even better) no-logs policies, independent audits, and security features – without any doubts about their overall security practices.

Headquarters location

Surfshark has its headquarters situated and registered in the British Virgin Islands. One of the most notable of this island is its strict and favorable privacy laws. VPN providers are not mandated to keep, store or share their client's data with the government.


Surfshark utilizes the AES-256 bit encryption for its operation, fast becoming the standard encryption for future VPNs. Android users opt for the ChaCha20 encryption for the IKEv2 protocol, which offers excellent VPN service on older devices.

Surfshark can encrypt internet VPN traffic via MultiHop through its array of servers in multiple countries to further hide and protect its customer data.


Surfshark allows you to select from the most secure VPN configuration protocols available. Here are the protocols available for you to choose from:

  • IKEv2
  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
  • WireGuard

It is an added advantage that Surfshark supports WireGuard which is slowly becoming the industry-standard protocol.

SSTP and other less secure protocols such as PPTP and L2TP/IPsec are not supported on Surfshark.

Shadowsocks, which stands out as one of the best split tunneling open-source proxies often used by the Chinese to bypass the Great Firewall is available on Surfshark.

A major standout point of Surfshark is that its VPN servers automatically select the fastest protocol for you.

Kill switch

Surfshark has a perfectly working and effective kill switch for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


Surfshark's speed has a rating score of 7.8

  • Surfshark offers speed and stability for your daily use
  • The speed range on the Dutch and American servers is fast and reliable
  • Surfshark can be used for games requiring fast reaction speed
  • It offers little or no internet restrictions as the streaming of movies go on smoothly

Daily use speed

It takes relatively long for a website to load when using Surfshark for the first time. But this issue rapidly disappears upon gaining access to the site.

It was visibly noticed by a decent number of mobile app users that it takes roughly between 1-3 seconds to load a page more as compared to using an internet connection without a VPN.

Some cases arise where streaming sites appear to be down on the mobile app but the situation is not the same when using a laptop to access the site with Surfshark.

You should consider running unlimited simultaneous connections in other to get the very best out of the Surfshark VPN service.

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Surfshark has a rating score of 8.6 as regards possibilities

  • Surfshark offers over 3,200 servers in a little over 65 countries
  • The provider does not offer a dedicated IP address but does offer free static IP addresses
  • Surfshark is excellent for streaming
  • There is no dedicated VPN account or company
  • Surfshark offers a few useful features other than its routine VPN service


Surfshark has a vast array of servers in about 65 countries across the globe. Unfortunately, it is impossible to choose the fastest city within a certain country automatically.


Surfshark is a suitable VPN service for streaming videos, tv shows, and the like.

Here is a list of all the streaming service that works in combination with the Surfshark VPN service:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime
  • HBO
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer

Surfshark offers Netflix lovers the rare opportunity to be able to view content in all kinds of countries as it unblocks the access that opens you up to shows trending in various parts of the world, such as the United States and France.

Finally, Surfshark also functions with Ziggo Go and NPO start, ensuring you are not denied access to your favorite shows even when on holiday.

Streaming platformWorking
Apple TVYes
BBC iPlayerYes
YouTube TVYes
HBO NowYes


Use Surfshark's VPN service to download files via the torrent client-server. It is completely secure and you are very unlikely to be denied access using the torrent server.


Surfshark also offers services that are slightly out of the scope of VPN service. Notably is its ‘Alert’ and ‘Search’ option when enabled act as a notification tool to inform you if your data or personal information has been breached. This usually is either your email address or credit card number.

Search ensures you have completely private internet access as it removes the occurrence of ads or trackers that often tend to track your activities. Surfshark does not grant special private internet access to business users but it provides an effective tool for business users to block ads and trackers that often disrupt their work.

Free Trial?

Surfshark does not offer a free period trial for you to try all its functions, as you are required to first make payment before you are granted access to its VPN service.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme, as do most of its competitors. This scheme ensures you get your money back for free if you are dissatisfied with its services as long as it is within the 30-day window.

To qualify for your 30-day money-back guarantee, you must contact customer service through its online live chat platform and request your money back.

Frequently asked questions

Surfshark has long been a great VPN. It provides advanced features such as split tunneling and multi-hop, making it an outstanding VPN service. The firm also gets credit for its clear privacy policies and tamper-proof RAM-only servers.

Yes, Android, iOS, and macOS users may test Surfshark for seven days for free. If you're using other platforms, the free trial isn't available, but you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it within the first 30 days, you'll receive a refund.

Surfshark's main advantages are the absence of data caps and P2P usage, as well as a genuine no-logs policy. Surfshark is designed to work with a VPN by automatically connecting you to a specific P2P server when you start using a P2P app while connected (the nearest one available).

If other programs, antivirus products, or file-sharing software on your PC using the same tools and resources as Surfshark needs, they may conflict with one another. This might potentially cause your VPN connection to slow down. Disconnect any third-party applications (at least temporarily) to see if that improves the connection speed.

Surfshark antivirus is an excellent tool for everyone. It protects you against a variety of dangers, including trojans, worms, and other malware. Real-time protection is included, as is a CleanWeb feature that guards you against intrusive advertisements and trackers.

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