Bullguard VPN Review (2022)

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📖 No logs policy:No logs
💵 Price:$3.84/month
🖥️ Servers:2000+ servers in 46 countries
🍿 Streaming services:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, and Youtube

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The business Bullguard, which is most known for the antivirus software that it distributes, is responsible for the creation of the Bullguard VPN product.

It is not the first antivirus firm to establish a VPN service; other companies, such as Avast and AVG, have previously done so. Bullguard is one of these companies. As a result of this, our anticipation is that Bullguard would sell their VPN offering to its existing clients by including it in their already existing antivirus software, much as the aforementioned competitors have already done.

Features of the Bullguard VPN

Bullguard Virtual Private Network is a service that is geared for the typical home computer user. There is not a whole lot that has to be set up, and utilizing the program is really simple and straight-forward. Bullguard enables its users to quickly and easily set up a secure VPN connection. This is one of the benefits that Bullguard offers.

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Because Bullguard's Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is still in its infancy, the company does not yet possess an extensive server network. There are currently servers accessible in a total of sixteen different countries while this article is being written.

In comparison to other VPN service providers, this remains on the low end of the spectrum. We highly propose that you have a look around, for instance ExpressVPN, if you are searching for a VPN provider that possesses a very extensive server network.

The virtual private network (VPN) service provided by Bullguard may be accessed in most countries. This indicates that most of the servers are situated in either Europe or the United States of America. If you want a VPN service that has servers in more remote areas, your best chance is to go with ExpressVPN or NordVPN, both of which were mentioned before.

Available on Windows and MacOS

As was just discussed, the program is simple to operate on both a desktop and a portable computer. According to our observations, the process is uncomplicated, and you are able to choose a place and establish a connection to that area with relative ease.

You may get an idea of what the software looks like on Windows by looking at the screenshot that follows. By the way, this appears and functions the same way on Mac desktop PCs and laptops.

Available on Android and iOS

Apps for mobile devices that are simple to operate have also been created by Bullguard VPN. The software is user-friendly, but there are still only a few configuration choices available, much like it is on laptops and desktop computers.

On the other hand, the applications come with a setting that enables users to have a virtual private network connection (VPN) immediately established once the program is started. You won't have any trouble activating this on either an Android or iOS device.

Overall, the program is straightforward and simple to understand and use. It is very evident that Bullguard VPN has some prior expertise in the creation of software that is beneficial to users.

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Using a VPN comes with many benefits. With a reliableVPN service, you can surf the Internet safely because it protects you from online eavesdropping, censorship and cybercrime.

But don't be tempted by free VPN services, as they often collect and sell their users' data. Make sure you choose a service that has a log-free policy, and is trusted by millions of Internet users.

ProXPN Expert Score

4,2 /5

Speed and realiability of Bullguard VPN

We just spent a little bit of time testing the reliability of Bullguard VPN as well as the speed of VPN connections. The level of stability was satisfactory, and there was not a single incident in which a VPN connection failed. On the other hand, the speed was a little underwhelming. This might be due to the fact that this VPN is still in the process of starting up, but perhaps things will get better soon.

How can you use Bullguard VPN

Bullguard has a great deal of expertise in building software, and their success in doing so is mirrored in the VPN software that they have produced. Bullguard's antivirus software is quite successful. Utilization of the program is simple and straight-forward. In addition to that, the few settings that are present already say a lot about the game.

In addition, Bullguard VPN has directly produced software for all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Whereas most other VPN providers begin their services by developing software for just one or two operating systems, Bullguard direct has created a VPN client that is compatible with all of the aforementioned operating systems.

Streaming platformWorking
Amazon PrimeNo
BBC iPlayerNo

Bullguard VPN and torrenting

The following was the response that we got from Bullguard VPN after sending them an email inquiring if it is possible to utilize torrent or other P2P networks. “”Downloading is permitted via P2P but uploading is not possible.”” It follows that torrent downloads cannot be completed in an effective manner under these circumstances. In point of fact, a specific upload ratio is necessary for every torrent network that takes itself seriously.

If you wish to download anything without being identified, you will need a virtual private network (VPN), and we suggest that you continue your search. You may learn which virtual private network (VPN) services are ideal for torrenting by reading the information provided on our torrent VPN page.

Privacy and Confidentiality Using Bullguard VPN

As stated on its own website, Bullguard VPN adheres to a strict no-logging policy. This indicates that no logs are retained of the activities conducted online by users of the VPN service, including the websites that those users visit.

There is no information that is readily available to the public on the website on the manner in which the service manages client data or the possibility of queries from authorities. It is not obvious to us how the issue of privacy is handled.

OpenVPN and IKEv2 have been selected as the protocols to use. OpenVPN is used on Android smartphones and Windows-based computers, whilst IKEv2 is utilized on iOS and MacOS-based devices and desktops. Both methods have a reputation for offering high levels of protection. In this regard, Bullguard VPN performs really well.

Pricing Bullguard VPN

The pricing of the Bullguard VPN service used to be rather pricey considering the features and benefits offered by the product. But in today's market, the ratio of price to quality has significantly improved.

For instance, the VPN cost of a membership in the modern world is 2.96 Euros (€) each month if the user opts for a three-year plan. You also have the option to subscribe for either one year or two years. If this is the case, the expenses will be €3.50 and €6.25 each month, respectively. The cost of the subscription must be paid in full before the service may be activated.

People who are contemplating Bullguard VPN because they already have the antivirus software should instead select an alternative VPN, as this is the best course of action. There are a great number of low-cost Virtual Private Network (VPN) options available, each of which offers greater performance in a variety of categories for a significantly lower price.

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The Final Thoughts on Bullguard VPN

In general, we do not have a positive opinion of the Bullguard VPN service. The quality is decent, but it is not much better than that. The price-to-quality ratio of the various subscriptions is appropriate, and the pricing for those subscriptions are affordable. The program is not only functionally sound but also aesthetically pleasing. We find the privacy policy to be excessively ambiguous, and as a result, it is unclear to us whether or not Bullguard VPN tracks anything.

Frequently asked questions

BullGuard VPN, like most of its competitors, does not offer a free or trial version. Customers can still try the software and all of its functions with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows them to do so without any risk.

In the most recent AV-Comparatives.org (March 2021) and AV-Test.org (February 2021) tests, BullGuard Internet Security obtained a 99.8 percent average protection rating.

Yes, BullGuard lets you download torrents (P2P) on its servers and works with all major streaming services, such as Netflix.

Simple and straightforward to use. Simply click Quick Connect for one-click access to the nearest BullGuard VPN server, which will connect you based on a variety of criteria such as your current location. Alternatively, you may select a country to connect to.

Windows Defender isn't Clusterware; it's part of Windows, and it's already there. Bullguard is the bloatware.

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