Ironsocket VPN Review (2022)

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If you are searching for the best Ironsocket VPN review at the internet? No problem, we got you covered at ProXPN. The last couple of years, we saw an enormous growth in the amount of VPN providers at the market, which is quite logical since an estimated 35% of internet users have been using VPN services the past year. Choosing the right one can be quite a task, but don't worry about it because we are here to help you out. Read our in-depth Ironsocket VPN guide and learn everything about this service, we are quite sure that once you’re done with reading you will know if this service suits you best.

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Ironsocket VPN

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Ironsocket is a virtual private network (VPN) service that has an emphasis on speed. As a result, they do not have any software or apps that they have produced themselves. Instead, they merely provide the VPN servers, which you can then connect to using the OpenVPN software that is commonly available. Because of this, they are able to devote more time and resources to building a reliable network of servers as well as quick connections.


Ironsocket's servers may be found in a total of forty different countries. There are various VPN servers available throughout all continents with the exception of Africa. This ensures that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server is constantly accessible in the immediate area. Our geographical advantage often makes ideal speed achievable; nevertheless, later on in this analysis of Ironsocket, we shall discuss whether or not this is actually the case in practice.

How can you use Ironsocket VPN

The fact that this firm has solely created software for Windows is undoubtedly the most remarkable aspect about it. You are reliant on an application that offers built-in support for VPN functionality for operating systems other than Windows. Installing an OpenVPN program will be the method that is the easiest to use.

Because this is an open source protocol, it is possible to connect to an OpenVPN server using a number of different pieces of software and mobile applications. This is made possible by the fact that the protocol's source code is freely available to the public. The fact that there is just a small selection of applications accessible is, all things considered, a negative aspect of this Ironsocket review.

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At the time of this writing, the only client software available for Ironsocket is compatible with Windows. EasyVPNConnect is the name that has been given to this client. The software client has a few essential and desirable customization choices, despite the fact that it has a simplistic appearance overall.

For instance, there is protection against DNS leaks, you can choose between the OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols, and there is “drop protection” that ensures apps are closed in the event that the VPN connection is lost. Other features include the ability to set the app to start automatically when Windows starts, the ability to choose between the protocols, and more.

Ironsocket VPN works for different operating systems

For Windows and MacOS, for instance, the client software for OpenVPN may be downloaded quickly and easily from the organization's main website. In addition, the application “OpenVPN Connect” may be downloaded from the app stores for both iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices. When using this program, connecting to an OpenVPN server for which you already possess the login credentials is a simple process.

When you sign up for an Ironsocket subscription, you will, of course, be provided with the login credentials required to utilize the VPN server to which you want to connect. This is not the most user-friendly technique of utilizing a VPN service, and the ordinary computer user who wants to start using a VPN may not be able to get away with using this method.

Nevertheless, it is essential to state that in our experience, everything functioned just properly while being evaluated. Because the OpenVPN software is so lightweight and easy to use, we are convinced that it will continue to be reliable and will not readily crash in the future just as it did during our testing. Because we utilized the official software, we are also certain that OpenVPN will continue to be fast.

Configuring the router to function as a VPN client with Ironsocket

Due to the fact that Ironsocket employs the OpenVPN protocol, it is feasible to utilize a VPN router to establish a connection to an Ironsocket VPN server. Because of this, any device in your network will be automatically linked to the Internet by means of a virtual private network connection (VPN).

You may use this method to circumvent regional restrictions and use your Chromecast or Smart TV, for example, by connecting them to a virtual private network (VPN). Because the connections provided by Ironsocket are so quick and reliable, using Ironsocket to stream films is another one of its many strengths.

Best alternative for your privacy

Using a VPN comes with many benefits. With a reliableVPN service, you can surf the Internet safely because it protects you from online eavesdropping, censorship and cybercrime.

But don't be tempted by free VPN services, as they often collect and sell their users' data. Make sure you choose a service that has a log-free policy, and is trusted by millions of Internet users.

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Privacy and safety

Ironsocket is a business that has its registration in Hong Kong. As a result, Hong Kong is the competent authority in this matter. This nation is well-known for its allure as well as its strong protection of personal privacy. VPN services that are based in a nation that values personal privacy always have an advantage over their competitors.

As a result of Ironsocket's primary emphasis on sound technological practices, the encryption of the various connections is in fine working condition. OpenVPN connections and L2TP/IPSec connections both employ 256-bit AES encryption, which is often regarded as being impossible to crack.

The fact that Ironsocket's privacy policy keeps logs to a minimum is the only minor criticism that can be leveled against it. There is no record maintained of the websites that you browse to. The collection of data, however, is done with the intention of enhancing relationships. It is preferable in our opinion for a VPN provider to not store any logs at all.

Ironsocket is known for their speed and stability

By default, OpenVPN connections use UDP rather than TCP; this is because UDP is often quicker than TCP. Ironsocket, on the other hand, makes use of highly robust encryption, which places more demands on computers and, as a result, can cause the VPN connection to move more slowly.

As part of our assessment, we evaluated Ironsocket by measuring both its download and upload speeds. This demonstrated that the different servers are quick enough for surfing, watching movies online while streaming, and downloading. There are, however, quicker VPN services available, such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, for example, which you may use if speed is your primary concern.

During the course of our test, however, the connections remained totally reliable. There was not a single link that we could not maintain. This is not always the case with other virtual private network providers.

Streaming platformWorking
BBC iPlayerYes

Ironsocket torrenting

There are a lot of individuals who wish to download Torrents using a VPN, and they're reading our Ironsocket review. Ironsocket provides users with several servers on which they may utilize torrenting and other forms of peer-to-peer file sharing to download content. It is simple to determine which of Ironsocket's servers permit torrent downloads by referring to the company's website.

As was previously noted, Ironsocket is not the provider of the fastest VPN speeds. If you are seeking for a VPN service that you can use for downloading, you may want to investigate deeper for a VPN that is specifically designed for torrenting.

The price of Ironsocket VPN

Similar to the pricing structure of many other VPN companies, the cost of using Ironsocket is determined by the length of your subscription. When you pay for a membership all at once for a longer period of time, the price per month will be reduced.

The picture that may be seen below is a screen capture from the website of Ironsocket. It will show you that the most cost-effective choice is to sign up for a membership for one year and make the payment all at once.

After that, the total amount due is equal to $4.16 every month. You might also pay on a monthly basis, for instance to test it out at a low cost. In this scenario, your monthly charge will be $6.99.

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Conclusion Ironsocket VPN

Ironsocket is not appropriate for all users. Because there is no pre-installed software for computers or cellphones, you need to have some familiarity with software. On your mobile device running iOS or Android, you will need to connect using the OpenVPN program or the OpenVPN Connect app.

Once the connections have been established, the Virtual Private Network service is quite dependable and offers decent speeds. Although one may say that the pricing is typical, we believe that the price-to-quality ratio is rather high. Our experience with Ironsocket has been satisfactory, all things considered.

Frequently asked questions

IronSocket VPN is a trustworthy VPN provider. They provide access to a wide range of servers at a reasonable price. Otherwise, you may utilize OpenVPN Connect and manual configuration to connect to the service. Their network was stable and their speeds were about average.

Unfortunately, IronSocket won't be able to access the US version of Netflix. The IronSocket website, however, says the VPN is compatible with the US version of Netflix.

IronSocket encrypts your data using the highly secure OpenVPN protocol, ensuring that your information is securely encrypted. IronSocket only provides AES 128-bit encryption and records some connection logs, though.

Yes, you can. IronSocket has specially configured servers for just this purpose.

You must submit an email address in order to register for an IronSocket account. You can also establish an anonymous email account if you don't want your normal email address used.

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