Internet Via A Wired Connection Socket

Are you looking for ways to use internet via a wired connection socket? Luckily, in these times this has become possible. Power line adapters are simply plugged into wall sockets and linked to the existing router or the devices you wish to add to the network in a single-family home. Start reading our guide and learn everything about the best ways to use this technology in your home.

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The mystery behind the lampposts technology and its electrical wiring through the utilization of wireless signal continues to baffle minds across the internet-connected world.

More interesting is discovering that the HomePlug utilizes similar technology to the lampposts, enabling the socket.

This technology is termed ‘Power-Line Communication' in English mainly because of its careful utilization of a wired ethernet connection.

This technology, over the years, has become a go-to for homeowners as its ethernet cables are not subject to the drilling of holes in the wall of your home or directly affecting the home's electrical wiring.

The working principle behind wireless devices and how the internet operates through the socket, and its merits and demerits are discussed in this article.

How Does the Internet Work Through a Wired Connection Socket?

The workings behind many adapter plugs, such as the HomePlug, are very simple and easy to utilize.

They vary in usage from one to as many as all the sockets available for use in the house and come in sets of two ethernet ports.

The technology utilized in powerline network adapters such as the HomePlug varies between wired and wireless networks.

It utilizes the initial powerline network connection already present in the home or office in its operations against setting up new cables.

In setting up your powerline adapter, plug in your powerline adapters by utilizing the powerline adapter kits into the internet through the socket next to the wireless router or source of the wi-fi network.

Fix the second adapter in an area of the house with a very poor wi fi network reception. By doing this, your home is provided with wireless internet.

In simpler terms, do the following:

  • Plug a powerline adapter into the wall socket near the wireless router/ source of internet connection;
  • Connect the plugged powerline adapter to the wireless router/source of internet connection using an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet ports;
  • Plug the second powerline adapter into a wall socket close by and connect the two powerline adapters;
  • Place the other powerline adapter in an area of the house with the worst wi fi reception.

Do I Need a Wireless Access Point for the Internet via the Wall Socket?

For situations where you intend to use your wireless access point as a source for your wireless connection, then yes, you do need it.

For this to work, an extra wi-fi router is not required to be added to aid wi-fi signal or purchase a separate wireless access point for your wireless internet.

This situation does not apply to only a printer connected with a cable. Here are the best models available in the market:

The 2 Best Homeplug Powerline Adapters

#1 Devolo Magic 2 Wi fi

The Best Powerline Adapter of 2022

The Devolo Magic 2 wi-fi is a powerline adapter you should consider if you have an eye out for the fastest internet you can get your hands on, as it boasts of a maximum speed of up to 2400 Mbps via an ethernet connection.

It also comes with two ethernet ports for added connections; this will be very handy for game console lovers.

If needed, the powerline adapter can serve as a wi-fi access point, attaining a maximum speed of 867 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

One of the stand-out advantages of this powerline adapter is its integrated sockets, which are not at risk of loss.

#2 TP-Link TL-PA4010P

Best Buy Powerline Adapter of 2022

For the category of people who do not require wi-fi and are searching for a cheaper option, this powerline adapter is for you.

This powerline adapter boasts an integrated power socket and one ethernet port.

For those seeking to have more than one device connected, it is advisable to set your sight on the above adapter or consider getting an ethernet port splitter.

A maximum speed of up to 500 Mbps is guaranteed with the choice of this powerline adapter.

Does Internet via Socket Have Drawbacks?

Powerline adapters are ineffective in large buildings with many electricity power groups or special electrical wiring.

I strongly advise that your powerline adapters are plugged into one power group instead of different power groups.

Frequency Bands

No two access point is similar, and this is so for majorly two reasons: the number of tires and the tires' speed.

A wireless signal obtained from an access point is always broadcast on a transmission frequency, similar to a radio. This is referred to as a band or channel.

These two are used by default with the internet: the older 2.4 GHz band and a newer 5 GHz band.

Some access points utilize only one of these two bands, even though others are available.

Having two bands is advantageous because it allows for a faster internet connection as two different devices simultaneously access the internet.

Do You Need a Grounded Internet via Socket?

Although grounding your internet via a socket is not necessary, it is advisable to utilize this function if you are available.

A grounded internet via a socket is relatively safer and faster and utilized by the latest powerline adapters manufacturers to transmit data.

Latest powerline adapters manufacturers use one or two extra contacts in grounded outlets.

If you consider using a newer model powerline adapter on an ungrounded socket, you are most vulnerable to slower internet speeds.


Internet via socket might be what you need for your home and office as it provides more benefits to your search for network connections.

If the case arises for you to install a cable modem, I strongly advise you to divert your attention to a wi-fi access point with the help of the best available router you can lay your hands on.

Hopefully, this article has helped your understanding of the workings behind the internet via socket and the best available power line adapters available at your disposal.

Frequently asked questions

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the back of your modem through its Ethernet or LAN connection, then connect the other end to the back of your computer via an Ethernet port. Your modem should come with an Ethernet cable, but any old Ethernet cable will do.

Ethernet is a kind of local area network (LAN) technology that employs hardwired links to the internet through Ethernet cables. These wires, such as Cat5, Cat6, and so on, are used to connect a device to an internet router and transmit data.

A wired network connection is defined as one that is made up of cables that join a computer to the Internet and other network devices. Ethernet cabling is used to move data from one device to another or across the Internet.

The advantages of wired connections are that they offer dedicated bandwidth rather than sharing it with other users, that they are less susceptible to network traffic disruptions and outages, and that they are less prone to interference and outage.

Because it transmits data through a network of wires, an Ethernet connection is generally faster and more dependable than a WiFi connection.

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