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Table of Contents is a VPN service that is easy to use and fairly uncomplicated. This may be seen across the many components that make up this VPN provider.

For instance, there are a lot less virtual private network (VPN) servers available in comparison to the best VPN providers. Additionally, there is not (yet) software that is compatible with all of the known operating systems.

Trust.Zone places a high priority on protecting users' privacy, which is evident from the company's moniker. They further demonstrate this by deciding to establish their jurisdiction in the Seychelles. In addition, Trust.Zone makes it clear on its website that it adheres to a “”no-log policy,”” which indicates that the company does not record or monitor the activities of its customers while they are connected to the VPN network.


At the time this article was written, Trust Zone had 170 servers located in 96 different physical locations. The majority of these locales are found in either North America or Europe. In spite of this, you will be able to discover at least one location with one or more servers on every continent, which is an unusual feature for a VPN company that has not been operating for a very long time.

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The software that Trust Zone uses is not yet compatible with all of the operating systems that are currently available. For instance, there is not yet a Trust Zone VPN client accessible for the MacOS or iOS operating systems.

However, if you go to the website for Trust Zone, you will discover a detailed walkthrough that will show you how to continue using Trust Zone's VPN connections. This does the job, but it is by no means perfect, especially when one considers the fact that there are other VPN companies that offer an application for each and every OS system known to man.


The Windows Trust Zone VPN program, along with the rest of the service, is extremely fundamental. The program is intuitive and simple to operate. However, there isn't much you can customize within the options. The fact that the program is simple to operate is something to consider if your primary goal is to locate a VPN service.

When you are connected to the server, the program will appear as seen in this image, moving from left to right. In addition, you have access to the settings, which are restricted to a certain extent.

It is still possible for you to activate a killswitch and select the option to have Trust Zone VPN start up and connect automatically. Next to that, you will see another snapshot of the status page that Trust Zone has incorporated into the program, and next to that, you will find a server list that gives you the option to select which location you would want to connect to.


Trust Zone has developed an app that is compatible with Android and can be easily downloaded from the Play Store on Google's website. If you have a subscription with Trust Zone, the app will allow you to log in and provide you access to the VPN servers that Trust Zone VPN provides. This Virtual Private Network application for Android genuinely feels and looks precisely the same as its counterpart for Windows. You'll be able to get an idea of how the app appears on an Android device by looking at the image above.

The program, much like the Windows version, has a rather restricted feature set but performs as expected anyway. You will have no trouble selecting the location to which you will connect, and you will also have no trouble determining whether or not the VPN connection has been successfully established.

Based on our observations and experiences after reading all of these evaluations, the software described in the Trust Zone VPN review is actually rather unsatisfactory. There are a lot of VPN services out there, and many of them have far superior software.

Best alternative for your privacy

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs on the market with high speeds, unbreakable encryption, and an independently-audited no-logs policy.

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4,8 /5

Privacy and safety

The 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the security protocol that is utilized by Trust Zone VPN. Since this is a fairly robust encryption method, you can safely believe that it will not be cracked in the foreseeable future. Trust Zone VPN does a good job of protecting users' privacy and security in this regard.

It is essential that the safety of the virtual private network (VPN) connections be taken into consideration while developing the software. Both a kill switch and a DNS leak prevention option are included in the hosting service that is being provided. Because of these two options, you can be certain that no information about the way you use the internet will be inadvertently transmitted outside of the VPN connection.

Killswitch feature

On Android, there is no possibility for a kill switch, and there is no security against DNS leaks. Those users of Android phones who place a high importance on the protection of their personal information will be disappointed to learn this. You may check the security of your connection and determine whether or not the Trust Zone VPN is leaking information by using the VPN test page on our website.

The website makes it clear that there is a strict no-logging policy in place. This indicates that Trust Zone VPN does not record or store any information on what its customers do when they are connected to the internet. According to a number of accounts found on the internet, this does appear to be the case.

ProXPN Expert Tip

When choosing a VPN, it’s important to consider everything that it offers. Many alternative options, like NordVPN, offer similar (or even better) no-logs policies, independent audits, and security features – without any doubts about their overall security practices.

Speed and stability

During the course of our evaluation for this article, we did not experience any speed issues with Trust Zone. During our tests, the speed was comparable to that of CyberGhost, which was being reviewed at the time.

For instance, when we connected to a server in Amsterdam located in Trust Zone's network using a virtual private network (VPN), we were able to attain a download speed of 135 Mbps and an upload speed of 31 Mbps. Without a virtual private network (VPN), our Internet connection was capable of a maximum download speed of 251 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 37.2 Mbps.

During the time we were doing our assessment, we noticed that the VPN connections were quite reliable. During the course of our tests, the connection did not become intermittent, which is a positive indicator. During the course of use, the speed did occasionally appear to change.

Netflix does not work well with Trust.Zone

When looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use with Netflix, Trust Zone is not the best option. During the course of our testing, we discovered that the vast majority of servers are not compatible with Netflix.

There is a dedicated area on our site that lists VPN providers that are compatible with Netflix. If you are seeking for a VPN service so that you can access content from other countries, like the American version of Netflix, we suggest that you look at that website.

Streaming platformWorking

Torrenting and Trust.Zone

It is completely secure to use a VPN connection provided by Trust Zone to download torrents. This is due to the fact that Trust Zone does not retain any logs whatsoever of what its users are doing. On its website, the VPN service makes it clear that this is the reason why it is unable to disclose any of your data with third parties that may make a request for it.

However, we were dissatisfied with the rate at which the downloads occurred. During the test, the speed was satisfactory when merely surfing the web; nevertheless, it was frequently seen that the speed decreased for a period of time when downloading content. This leads to a reduced download speed, which means that using Trust Zone to download the same file takes significantly longer than using NordVPN, for example.

Pricing Trust.Zone

The VPN cost of a monthly subscription to Trust Zone is about par for the course. When is the case with the vast majority of other VPN service providers, the monthly fee that you pay is reduced as you sign up for a longer length of time in advance. Another distinction that can be made between the various packages offered by Trust Zone is the ability to use VPN connections on 5 different devices simultaneously with only one VPN account.

This capability is exclusive to the 2-year plan. Every other subscription only lets you connect three devices at once, while this one gives you unlimited simultaneous connections. As a drawback, we found that this was really on the low side for this pricing, and this was something that came up while we were reviewing Trust Zone.

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Free trial of Trust.Zone

There is the option to open a demo VPN account whenever you visit Trust Zone. This necessitates making a payment in advance, which is a prudent move on the customer's part. In addition, you are restricted to one gigabyte of data transfer with this free trial account that may be utilized for a period of three days.

Conclusion about Trust.Zone

The interactions we've had with Trust Zone range from pleasant to positive. The connections are of a satisfactory quality and level of stability. In addition, the encryption that they employ is adequate for the purpose of guarding your confidentiality. The fact that they do not store any logs is another factor that adds to the very high level of privacy offered by this service.

During the course of our Trust Zone review, we came across several drawbacks, one of which is the software. For instance, there is a lack of application support for Apple's iOS and MacOS, two of the most popular computer operating systems. In addition, the program that is accessible for Windows and the app that is available for Android have some significant limitations.

There is not much to configure, and the overall look is somewhat dated. The fact that this service is not ideally suited for Netflix and the fact that the download speeds were somewhat below expectations are two additional drawbacks associated with this service.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Trust. Zone VPN provides excellent security. To safeguard your data from hackers, it uses 256-bit encryption and has servers that passed my IP and DNS leak tests.

Sometimes, though not very frequently. Netflix is based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France. It does require some unique settings, although Trust.Zone provides easy-to-follow instructions. Unfortunately, Netflix will not function on most of Trust.Zone's servers due to licensing restrictions.

Trust.Zone won't log your data, save for the email address that you register with. Most importantly, they will not log your IP address, traffic, or web activity— you know, the stuff you got a VPN to protect in the first place!

Yes, Trust.Zone does include a kill switch, also known as a network lock function. That implies that if the VPN goes down for whatever reason, all of your browsers and activity will instantly shut down. Consider it a backup option if Plan A, the VPN, fails.

Because Trust.Zone does not provide split tunneling, you will not be able to use a private network and a public network at the same time. As a result, Trust.Zone consumes more bandwidth than a VPN with split tunneling does.

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