You can use a VPN to access Usenet through a no-logs policy, especially if you're concerned about legal trouble. All data crossing the VPN's network, including search histories and downloads, is encrypted. It's possible that by accessing Usenet, you'll be able to hide your activity. If you want to learn everything there is to know about Usenet and VPN's we recommend you to read this mega guide now to find all the information you need to know.

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes it feasible to download content anonymously from the Usenet. Because there is a growing possibility of getting identified and penalised for downloading illegal content, using the Usenet anonymously is becoming an increasingly appealing option. Because the Brein foundation went after them, there have already been multiple instances in which Usenet uploaders have been penalized with fines. It appears that it will only be a matter of time before individuals who download will also be subject to legal action.

What is a Usenet?

Downloading content via Usenet has seen a precipitous drop in popularity over the past few years. However, there is still a sizable population that gratefully takes use of the opportunities that are presented by newsgroups.

These include the extremely vast variety, the high speeds, the outstanding quality of the films, series, and music, and the wide range of (new) material that may be downloaded. The very large collection is one of the most appealing aspects of this service.

Using a VPN to Download Anonymously from Usenet

It is impossible for film producers and Internet service providers to acquire any kind of remote insight into what you are downloading because the majority of Usenet services enable SSL connections during the process. In theory, the SSL connections to the Usenet servers already provide a safe environment.

When government parties trying to obtain access to the Usenet servers, it is simple to determine what is being downloaded to which IP address. This makes it possible for the identity of the person doing the downloading to become public knowledge.

In addition, the search of NZB files done through Spotnet, for instance, does not use encryption, which means that it is simple to see what phrases you look for in the database. Utilize a virtual private network (VPN) if you wish to be safe in this scenario.

Usenet downloading is completely anonymous if you connect to it over a VPN. After then, all internet traffic is routed through their server. If a check is done to determine who is downloading a specific file, the person conducting the check will see the IP address of the VPN server.

The Best VPN Services For Usenet

You may avoid being identified in this way. It is not easy to decide which virtual private network (VPN) company to choose because there are so many distinct options. You will find listed below a variety of VPN providers that, in our opinion, are the best options for downloading items over the Usenet.


For a fairly considerable amount of time, we have ranked NordVPN at the top spot on our list of the best VPN services. This is because the connections that are provided as well as the software that is provided by this service are of an extremely high grade.

  • P2P file sharing downloads are permitted on any server that NordVPN offers. This also indicates that this is a very good virtual private network (VPN) for torrenting.
  • The server farm that NordVPN maintains is incredibly big and is spread out around the globe. If you wish to download NZB files via the VPN connection, it is very necessary that the VPN connections be both reliable and quick. The downloading of files from newsgroups is another feature that comes standard with NordVPN.

It is completely possible to download files via Usenet while connected to NordVPN's VPN service, and the speeds offered are more than adequate for the typical user. In addition, the software for both Mac and Windows is of a high quality and can be used with a minimum of fuss.

Surfshark VPN

The premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provided by Surfshark has lightning-fast servers, which are essential for file downloads. You may also find useful software for a variety of devices on the internet, and download it to use on your computer.

  • Since there are also a sufficient number of servers in Europe, you are able to consistently have a good connection speed whenever you are in your own country.
  • You can always find a server close by, regardless of where you are in the world, so that your connection speed is always at its best. When downloading NZB files, there is something that is really significant.

You actually are purchasing a quality VPN connection when you sign up for Surfshark, which gives you the ability to download files rapidly and secretly via Usenet. You also pay a modest fee for this when compared to other similar services, such as NordVPN.

Private Internet Access

The Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN service provides compatibility for a diverse range of operating systems. This is helpful if, for instance, you wish to manage your NZB downloads on a computer or device that operates on the Linux operating system.

Imagine something like a Raspberry Pi or a NAS that was influenced by Linux. On the PIA website, you may also find instructions on how to configure your Synology to download content using a virtual private network connection (VPN).

In addition to that, the speed of the servers is satisfactory. A NZB file may be downloaded at lightning fast speeds for your convenience. In addition, the reasonable cost of using Private Internet Access makes it an appealing option for a significant number of Usenet members.

Considerations to check before choosing a Usenet VPN

If you wish to pick a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that is appropriate for downloading content from Usenet, there are a few considerations that you should pay attention to, including the following:

  • The amount of data that may be downloaded using the VPN service. You will spend most of your time on Usenet downloading enormous files, and it is only reasonable that you would want to do this task as rapidly as possible.
  • Therefore, it is essential that the speed of your connection to the VPN server be as high as it may possibly be. You can discover information in our reviews pertaining to the connection speeds offered by the various VPN services.

Download policy of the VPN

The vast majority of virtual private network (VPN) providers permit downloading from newsgroups; nevertheless, there are those that do not permit downloading of huge files.

Does the VPN service support the device you're using?

If you download from newsgroups using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X, you should have no problems using virtually any virtual private network service. However, some users control their downloads through the use of other devices, such as a Linux computer, Raspberry Pi, or network-attached storage (NAS). Not every VPN service provider has software specifically designed for this purpose or provides support for it.

Does the software that comes with the VPN come equipped with a kill switch?

When the virtual private network connection is severed, this safety feature prevents any and all internet traffic from being able to pass through. In the event that you experience connection issues with the VPN server, this protects you from unintentionally downloading content using your own IP address.

This is something that can differ from one operating system to another; for instance, a kill switch capability may be available on computers running Windows but not on those running Mac OS.

What are the costs of the VPN for Usenet?

The cost that you are prepared to incur in order to download files anonymously using Usenet is obviously another consideration that might play a role in making your decision. The costs of the various services may be quickly located in the evaluations posted on our website with no further effort on your part.

It is not secure to download anonymously via SSL when using Usenet

Make sure that you always utilize an SSL connection when getting downloads from newsgroups; this is another method for downloading safely in newsgroups. Your computer and the Usenet server are both able to communicate securely thanks to the SSL that was installed. In actual fact, this means that anyone watching your internet stream will only be able to see encrypted data travelling through. In exactly the same way as with a virtual private network connection.

You are not protected by an SSL connection alone in the event that a third party inspects the servers of your Usenet provider. After that, it will be simple to determine which IP address was responsible for downloading specific files. You can be tracked down using this method. This uncertainty is eliminated when using a connection to a virtual private network (VPN). After all, the outside world, including the Usenet server, sees a different IP address than the one you use inside.

Conclusion About Usenet VPN

Do you wish to remain anonymous when downloading from the Usenet? Therefore, establishing a connection using a virtual private network (VPN) is strongly advised. It is relatively simple to establish a connection to a VPN using the software that is given by the VPN provider. After that, you'll be able to access the Usenet as you normally would, and all of your uploads and downloads will be conducted in an anonymous manner thanks to the VPN server.

Be sure that downloading is permitted through the Virtual Private Network provider that you select to use for your Usenet downloads if you intend to use a VPN for that purpose. Downloading content is permitted by the vast majority of VPN providers, however there are some notable exceptions. Each and every one of our reviews of VPN services will inform you whether or not downloading is permitted.

Frequently asked questions

Should I Use a VPN with Usenet? It's quite safe to access Usenet, but using a VPN will make you even less vulnerable. When you retrieve an NZB file from your indexer, as well as the binary file when downloading it to your computer, your IP address is generally recorded and saved.

The Usenet -Traceability and Security. It's a decentralized network that makes it difficult for typical internet service providers to keep track of what you're doing. However, in certain circumstances, ISPs may generate an unusual amount of data usage. Nonetheless, determining the sort and nature of the files would be difficult.

The current retention on all Usenet groups is 4,100 days. Yes, a decent service level, but other providers like Newshosting (opens in new tab) provide superior retention and server locations in both the United States and Europe, as well as a free newsreader.

Usenet is a private and secure user network with hundreds of servers storing over 400 Petabytes of data — the equivalent of approximately 100 billion user-uploaded articles and files – across numerous continents.

A Usenet group is similar to an online bulletin board, forum, or discussion platform. Users may discuss hundreds of thousands of subjects in “newsgroups,” which are broken down into categories.

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