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Avast SecureLine VPN

Encrypts internet with a single click
$ 4
  • Global internet access
  • Use on any device
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Avast Secureline VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service that is offered by the well-known antivirus software company Avast. This well-known organization has also become aware of the need for virtual private network connections, and as a result, they have made the decision to include a VPN service as one of their offerings.

  • Avast is quick to capitalize on the size of its client base by suggesting Avast Secureline to the users of other products the company already provides. This assures that a huge number of individuals will be presented with the brand-new Virtual Private Network (VPN) service offered by Avast Secureline instantly.
  • Therefore, the “”typical”” computer user is the target demographic for this particular VPN service. True enthusiasts of technology are more likely to choose with a different VPN provider, such as NordVPN.

In this review of Avast Secureline VPN, we will investigate whether or if this familiarity is warranted, as well as whether or not Avast has utilized another solid product now available on the market with Secureline. Using our previous knowledge and experiences, we will determine whether or not the VPN service is competitive when compared to competing VPN services.

What exactly is the Avast Secureline VPN?

Avast Secureline is a virtual private network (VPN) connection provider that operates as a service. This product serves as the initial introduction that a lot of individuals have to the virtual private network (VPN) phenomena. The abbreviation “”VPN”” stands for “”virtual private network,”” and by utilizing this technology, you can assure that all of your data traffic is routed through a safe tunnel before reaching the public Internet.

This offers a variety of significant benefits, including the following:

  1. Now that your data is encrypted, hackers will no longer be able to listen in on what you say over the internet.
  2. You will be able to better safeguard your privacy if you mask your own IP address, which is one of the benefits of doing so.
  3. You are able to get around geographical restrictions. For instance, you are able to access the American version of Netflix while in another country.
Streaming platformWorking
BBC iPlayerNo

Servers of Avast Secureline

When you connect to the Secureline VPN service, you will have access to servers located in 33 different locations across the world. Although there is just one city in the majority of countries where servers are accessible, there may be more than one city in certain nations.

In any event, the overall number of servers at the time this article was written was greater than 41. The locations of the servers may be found in a geographically diverse set of nations throughout the world. For instance, you may use VPN servers provided by Avast SecureLine in a number of countries across all continents, with the exception of Africa.

  • This has the advantageous result that regardless of where you are, there is almost always a VPN server that is at a reasonable distance from you. This ensures that the data does not need to be transmitted over particularly long distances, which, in principle, should be advantageous to the speed of the VPN connection.
  • However, the number of VPN servers is very low when compared to those offered by competing VPN providers. There is a possibility that other places will be added in the future; however, this possibility does not appear to be very likely considering that Avast has not significantly extended or enhanced its server offering in recent times.

However, as at the time this article was written, it is somewhat disheartening to us given the current state of affairs. You will find that the best VPN services actually do provide a significant number of additional servers if you read reviews of other VPN providers.

Using Avast Secureline as your VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN has developed software compatible with every platform currently in use. If you have an Avast Secureline VPN subscription, this indicates that you are able to utilize a VPN connection on your mobile device and tablet in addition to your home computers and portable devices. Continue reading this article to find out how the Secureline service operates on your device (s).

In the course of our analysis of Avast Secureline, the program was put through its paces on a number of different operating systems. From what we've seen, the program operates well and without any issues. It is simple and straightforward to connect to a VPN server inside the software and apps itself.

Windows & MacOS

You have two options available to you while using the Avast VPN on either Windows or MacOS. Either as a stand-alone piece of software or as a component of the Avast Antivirus package you use. The great majority of customers will purchase this software as an additional purchase in addition to the antivirus package that Avast sells and provides free of charge.

After that, the virtual private network (VPN) connection may be configured using the software that is already installed on your computer or laptop. You will find below screenshots demonstrating how it appears in both Windows and MacOS.

Avast SecureLine is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Avast has produced high-quality apps for both Android and iOS-based mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The mobile apps have a distinct appearance in comparison to their PC and MAC counterparts.

  • It goes without saying that you have access to the exact same server locations as everyone else. Simply mentioned, the process of connecting the app and setting up the program has a totally distinct vibe to it compared to the PC software.
  • On the other hand, the choices that may be configured are the same. You have the option, for instance, to have your iPhone, iPad, or Android device ask you whether you want to utilize a virtual private network (VPN) connection if you are about to use a wifi network that you are not familiar with.

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Experience with installing Avast Secureline VPN on these devices

Our experiences with the Avast Secureline VPN applications have been positive, just as they have been on desktop PCs and portable laptops. Every function is effective, and the application makes its merits clear.

  • It is simple to select the location of the server you wish to connect to, and the process just requires one click. However, there are not many choices for configuring the software, but this is not an issue if all you want to do is quickly establish a VPN connection.
  • Installing the applications for iOS and Android may be done through the Avast website, as well as through the Play Store for Android and the app store for iOS. Alternatively, the apps can be downloaded directly from the respective app stores.

How to connect the Avast Secureline VPN?

You can see that the VPN feature of the Avast package is located under the “”tools”” section of the application. Once you've arrived at that page, all you need to do to connect to the VPN server that's geographically nearest to you is click the Connect button.

You also have the ability to select a particular place for the server's location. This may be important, for instance, if you wish to go around a geographical blockage in order to view programs that you may have missed while you were traveling.

Can you install Secureline without Antivirus?

It is also feasible for you to use Avast Secureline without installing the antivirus software that Avast provides for your computer. Additionally, there is software that can be downloaded that merely provides access to the VPN's capabilities.

When you sign up for this VPN service, you will be able to download this standalone program, which offers highly user-friendly operation and is also simply accessible. You can get an idea of what the standalone application for Windows and MacOS looks like in action in the image below.

How can you setup Avast Secureline?

In our perspective, there are not a lot of options accessible for setting changes. Considering how simple it is to set up a virtual private network (VPN), the vast majority of people won't have any issues with this. This, however, may be a letdown for those individuals who have significantly higher expectations in regard to the breadth of the available options.

For instance, you are only able to utilize a single protocol, and the one that is available to you depends on the operating system that you are running, which is OpenVPN on Windows and IPSec on Mac laptops and Macbooks. When you connect to an unfamiliar wifi network, Secureline will automatically offer to connect you to a virtual private network (VPN), which is a valuable setting.

Privacy and safety

When it comes to the protection of our personal information and online safety, Avast Secureline does not quite live up to our expectations. On paper, the technological security looks to be adequate, as they employ OpenVPN and IPSec as their protocols.

Both of these protocols have a reputation for being extremely secure and difficult to break. Disappointingly, though, you are unable to manually select an alternative protocol for your VPN connection. This is something that we had hoped to be able to do. You will not be able to use Avast Secureline VPN if you are currently connected to a network that prohibits the usage of OpenVPN.

Best alternative for your privacy

When you connect to the Internet via a VPN, the VPN app on your device (also called a VPN client) establishes a secure connection to a VPN server. Your traffic still goes past your internet provider, but they can no longer read it or see its final destination.

The websites you visit can no longer see your original IP address, only the IP address of the VPN server which is shared with many other users and changes regularly.

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4,8 /5

What do we think of the privacy features?

In addition, throughout the course of our Avast Secureline VPN review, we came to the conclusion that the service offers a level of anonymity that is commendable in and of itself. For instance, the terms of service stipulate that your online activity will be scrutinized in the event that a complaint is lodged with the appropriate authorities, and appropriate measures will be taken, if necessary.

This contradicts the company's claim that they do not retain any logs, which they do not, and we consider this to be an undesirable practice in a VPN service, especially when you wish to use it to protect your privacy.

The software for Avast Secureline VPN does not provide a kill switch, which is another major omission. In the event that your VPN connection drops for any reason, a killswitch will ensure that you are cut off from the internet completely. Because of this, undesired data will not be able to escape over the “”regular unencrypted”” internet connection.


When utilizing a virtual private network (VPN), speed is essential. To put it simply, you don't want anyone to be aware that you are utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) connection when you are browsing the internet.

There is going to be a delay whenever you use the internet since all of your data has to go via an additional server. In addition, the data is encrypted and will require decryption before it can be used. This consumes some of your processing power and may also cause some lag on your internet connection.

In this Avast Secureline VPN review, we will also discuss the speeds at which this virtual private network (VPN) service connects users. This is something that we do for each and every VPN service that we review. If speed is really essential to you, we strongly suggest that you go over the information on our page that compares the fastest VPNs.

How did we test the speed of Avast Secureline?

We always test the difference in speed between an internet connection that does not have a VPN connection and an internet connection that does have a VPN connection for the VPN service that is being evaluated.

Since Avast SecureLine brags that their VPN connections are lightning-fast, we had high hopes for the service's speed as a virtual private network (VPN). In actual reality, this turned out to be a rather disappointing finding.

ProXPN Expert Tip

When choosing a VPN, it’s important to consider everything that it offers. Many alternative options, like NordVPN, offer similar (or even better) no-logs policies, independent audits, and security features – without any doubts about their overall security practices.

European servers

The speed we were getting decreased from 60 Mbit/s to only 30 Mbit/s. This occurred while we were connected to a server in Amsterdam, which is the server that is geographically located the closest to us in Europe. We did try it on other Secureline servers, however the speeds were much slower on the other server locations than they were on the original server.

How is torrenting with Avast Secureline?

There are particular servers, known as “”Bittorrent servers,”” from which users are permitted to download files using this protocol. When connected to certain servers, you won't be able to download torrents since the VPN service prevents access to such websites. But if you use Secureline, you can sidestep any consequences that may result from your downloading habits.

However, due to the slow speeds of the VPN connections offered by Avast SecureLine, we will not suggest that you use this VPN service if the primary reason you want one is to download torrents. In addition, the program does not come equipped with a kill switch, which is a feature that is absolutely necessary if you wish to download files using BitTorrent.

Pricing of the Avast Secureline VPN

When compared to other VPN services, the packages that come with Avast Secureline VPN are a little bit different. You have the option, for instance, of purchasing a subscription for a single device, such as your personal computer or smartphone.

Purchasing a membership that works on all of the devices that are compatible with the service is still another choice.

  • At the time of this writing, the annual VPN cost of a membership that offers coverage for all devices is $79.99.
  • The annual cost of a membership for either Windows or MacOS is only $59.99, and the annual cost of a subscription for your smartphone is only $19.99.

The following is a summary of the pricing, which was obtained from the website of Avast Secureline VPN.

Annual payment is cheaper

If you select a membership for a period longer than one year, the monthly cost will be lower for you. However, in this case, you are almost instantly no longer linked. In order to provide an accurate comparison, we have maintained the monthly charges that are incurred when a membership is purchased for a period of one year.

After you have subscribed to Avast SecureLine and made payment, you will be emailed an activation number for the service. Once you have entered the activation code, you will be able to use the VPN for the entirety of the subscription that you have purchased.

As a side note, we believe that the cost of Avast Secureline VPN is excessively exorbitant. There are virtual private network (VPN) service providers who provide a VPN service that is noticeably superior but costs significantly less than other providers.

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Free trial of Avast Secureline

You get a whole week to test out Avast SecureLine VPN without spending a dime. Should you have any interest in purchasing this VPN service, you will find this offer to be quite appealing. You should be able to determine within the first week if this program is right for you.

Conclusion Avast Secureline VPN

With Secureline VPN, Avast gives the impression that it is attempting to make quick money off of its existing client base without providing very high quality service. Both the connection speeds of this VPN service, which are disappointing, and its privacy policy, which is less than ideal, are outside of our expectations.

In addition to this, the number of servers available is quite restricted, and the cost of using this service is rather high. If you are serious about finding a reliable virtual private network (VPN), we have a website that will guide you through the options available to you.

The service might be helpful for those who just wish to connect to a VPN without experiencing an excessive amount of bother. This may be an excellent and helpful answer for those who currently own an antivirus software program from Avast, for instance.

Frequently asked questions

Avast SecureLine VPN is a software that allows you to connect to the internet via secure Avast VPN servers using an encrypted tunnel to protect your online activity from wiretapping. Use Avast SecureLine VPN anytime you wish to connect to the internet with additional security and privacy.

Is Avast SecureLine VPN a safe bet? Yes, Avast SecureLine VPN is a trustworthy program. It utilizes military-grade encryption, doesn't collect any personal information, and is developed by a firm with years of experience in security.

The issue may be due to the network restrictions of your Wi-Fi or mobile network. When Avast SecureLine VPN is disabled, make sure your internet connection is functional.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that creates a secure connection over the internet. It's necessary if you connect to the internet via public Wi-Fi frequently. A VPN may also help you access worldwide libraries from streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu, as well as avoid government or school limitations.

From the Start menu, right-click the Windows Start icon and select Apps and Features from the menu that appears. Verify that Apps & features is selected in the left panel, then Uninstall Avast SecureLine VPN. If prompted for permission by the User Account Control window, agree to it.

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