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If you are searching for the best ibVPN review at the internet? No problem, we got you covered at ProXPN. The last couple of years, we saw an enormous growth in the amount of VPN providers at the market, which is quite logical since an estimated 35% of internet users have been using VPN services the past year. Choosing the right one can be quite a task, but don't worry about it because we are here to help you out. Read our in-depth ibVPN guide and learn everything about this service, we are quite sure that once you’re done with reading you will know if this service suits you best.

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Invisible Browsing VPN, sometimes known simply as IbVPN, is a popularly used abbreviation for this service. This virtual private network (VPN) service provider is also well-known for offering a very affordable service, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. In practice, however, ibVPN is unable to provide excellent download speeds for such a low fee.

Features of ibVPN

Because there is a client that is simple to install and is available for all of the most popular operating systems, the service is very simple to use. There is software available for the iOS platform, as well as Android, Windows, and Mac computers.

In addition to this, it is compatible with every encryption protocol that is now in use, including OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP. In these circumstances, OpenVPN is always our first choice when it comes to the protocol to employ.

In this comprehensive review of the vpn service ibVPN, we will walk you through all of the service's features and highlight our most relevant experiences with it. Determine whether or not ibVPN is the most suitable encryption service for your needs.

ibVPN Servers

ibVPN presently operates 172 servers, which are dispersed throughout an ever-changing roster of countries. Naturally, this includes all of the well-known nations where people like you are interested in seeing stuff from.

Consider the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Netherlands as examples. Other countries are occasionally added to or removed from ibVPN's server offering. There is a list of servers that are operational at the moment available on the website.

  • You can always discover a server that is suited for what you want among this enormous number of servers that are available. It is also convenient that you may select a server in the nation you want to use from among several that are available. If, for example, the server you want to use is already at capacity, you can select one of the other servers in the country.
  • Because there are so many servers to choose from, there is virtually always one that is located quite close to you. Regardless of where in the globe you may be. This has the benefit that there are always relatively fast servers accessible to connect to, which is always available.

On the website of ibVPN, you will discover a comprehensive list of all of the servers that are currently accessible. You can also check the amount of bandwidth that is available as well as the number of people that are currently logged in on a certain server by looking at this list.

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Bypassing geographical barriers and restrictions

Because they are unable to access particular information from where they are now located, a lot of people have decided to make use of a virtual private network, often known as a VPN. Take for instance the fact that you are unable to access stuff from BBC iPlayer or Netflix in some countries.

You would need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN) server located in one of the countries where the videos may be seen in order to be able to watch online videos from the providers listed below, for example. Because of this, it is essential that the virtual private network provider you choose has at least some servers in the nation in which you wish to access geoblocked material.

Because ibVPN maintains servers in 31 countries throughout the world, you can rest assured that you have arrived at the correct location. This pertains to the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. With the assistance of ibVPN, there is a very good probability that you will be able to access the geographically restricted material that you are interested in watching.


ibVPN has designed the solution known as ibDNS specifically for the purpose of getting around geographical restrictions. This is a service that alters the DNS server that is used whenever you connect to the internet in order to access websites and other online services. By utilizing these methods, you will have no trouble gaining access to geographical material in the Netherlands or other nations.

Consider the possibility of using Hulu in your country, while you aren't in the US as an illustration. While I'm in European countries, I've been using Netflix to see American content. When using a VPN suddenly, i will also be able to stream material from every country when you are traveling. Note that the data you send and receive will not be secured like it would be with a virtual private network connection (VPN).

Tor network VPN with ibVPN

Additionally, there are servers accessible that permit the use of TOR via VPN. Using this method, you will first establish a connection to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server provided by ibVPN, which will then route your internet traffic through the onion network.

You will need the ultimate subscription in order to make advantage of this feature. Compared to the basic or Torrent VPN subscription offered by ibVpn, this one has a somewhat higher price tag.

ibVPN's software

The usage of the ibVPN service is quite simple. Downloadable clients with intuitive user interfaces are available for all of the most popular operating systems. You can download software, for instance, for the following:

  • Windows OSx, designed for use on Apple Macs
  • iOS application compatible with iPhones and iPads
  • Android software for mobile devices and tablet computers running Android

The software that comes with ibVPN is not particularly user-friendly; it is quite cluttered and lacks an intuitive layout. Nevertheless, the software of a reliable virtual private network will provide you with all of the possibilities you anticipate finding there.

You may log in without any problems by using the credentials stored in your VPN account. Once you have logged in, you will have the ability to pick the VPN server that you would want to use with ease.

If you simply want to utilize the VPN when you are surfing the web, you may make use of an extension that is available for the Chrome browser. There is also an add-on for Firefox that performs the same functionality as the extension for Chrome.

Due to the fact that ibVPN supports the OpenVPN protocol, you are able to connect any device that also supports this to the servers of this virtual private network service. Consider, as just a few examples, the Playstation, Linux, Roku, DD-WRT Routers, smart TVs, and a plethora of other electronic gadgets.

Privacy and security with ibVPN

When using ibVPN, your technological safety is not at all compromised in any way. You can connect to the server via OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, or SSTP as previously mentioned. OpenVPN is the protocol that is utilized by the clients in their default configuration. If you would like to make use of a different protocol, you will simply be able to do so in any of the clients.

Best alternative for your privacy

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs on the market with high speeds, unbreakable encryption, and an independently-audited no-logs policy.

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4,8 /5

OpenVPN client

OpenVPN is always chosen over other accessible protocols since, as is common knowledge, it is recognized to have an extremely high level of security. In addition to this, the fact that it is an open-source protocol provides us with further confidence that it is, in fact, safe.

When it comes to protecting users' personal information, we feel that ibVPN could do a little bit more. For instance, they provide their own evidence that particular logs are maintained, specifically:

  • The total amount of time spent connected to the VPN.
  • The geographic location from which the virtual private network connection was initially made.
  • The quantity of data that was sent through the Virtual Private Network connection.

The corporation makes the claim that it does not monitor or record the activities of its customers while they are connected to the network. They are able to keep this promise since their operations are based in Romania, which is beyond the jurisdiction of the European Union's legislation regulating the keeping of personal data.

Dynamic IP addresses of ibVPN

In addition to this, rather of using shared IP addresses, the ibVPN service makes use of dynamic IP addresses. In principle, you should be able to readily determine who was using which IP address at what time by utilizing this method.

On the contrary, this is not the case with shared IP addresses because several users on the internet share the same IP address. Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN come highly recommended if you are looking for enhanced protection for your online privacy.

The connection is automatic and there is a kill switch.

ibVPN's client software has a killswitch feature that, in the event that your connection to the ibVPN server drops, will prevent any and all internet traffic from being routed via your device. This is a very crucial safety feature in our opinion, especially if you wish to download files or browse the internet without being tracked in any way, for example.

At the Windows login screen, you will see a checkbox labeled “”remember me.”” You have the choice to choose this checkbox. If you choose this option, ibVPN will connect for you the next time you use the application, even if you are not actively using it. If you use the killswitch feature in conjunction with it, you will never have to worry about whether or not your connection to your Windows PC is safe.

Speed and stability of ibVPN

During our time testing ibVPN, we were consistently impressed by how quickly connections were established and established themselves. During the course of our connection on a European server, we effortlessly achieved the utmost attainable throughput speeds. Having a server in the United States caused us to lose roughly 20 megabits per second. Overall, fantastic download and/or streaming speeds, whether you're using Netflix or some other video service.

The desktop client software for ibVPN includes a speed tester for testing connections. That you may simply determine which server offers the highest speed. IPVanish is another another service provider that offers this feature, by the way.

ProXPN Expert Tip

When choosing a VPN, it’s important to consider everything that it offers. Many alternative options, like NordVPN, offer similar (or even better) no-logs policies, independent audits, and security features – without any doubts about their overall security practices.

Torrenting and ibVPN

With specific ibVPN membership plans, users are permitted to engage in torrent downloading. If you subscribe to both BitTorrent and Ultimate VPN, you will have access to servers that let you download content via BitTorrent. This access is included in both subscriptions. The servers that are authorized to do this are physically situated in nations in which downloading and uploading torrents is not illegal and is not subject to criminal penalties.

We found that the speed of torrent downloads was not always at its best, which is one of the drawbacks associated with using this file sharing method. During the downloading process, one could find this to be quite frustrating.

Socks5 protocols

Additionally, ibVPN provides users with customized torrent proxies. This is accomplished through the use of the socks5 protocols. You may configure this connection within an application for downloading torrents such as uTorrent. If you are using a Socks5 proxy, the other users on the network, both seeders and leechers, will not be able to determine what your true IP address is.

Utilizing Netflix with ibVPN

By restricting the IP addresses of known VPN servers, Netflix makes a concerted effort to deter users from accessing the streaming service over a virtual private network (VPN). For instance, watching from a server located in the United States might be intriguing since it enables you to view offerings from the United States.

It would appear that the SmartDNS solution offered by ibVPN is compatible with the American Netflix platform without any issues. If you are using ibVPN's SMartDNS service and for any reason you are unable to access Netflix, you may submit a support request and the company will do their best to assist you in resolving the issue through this channel.

Streaming platformWorking
Amazon PrimeNo

Utilizing Kodi with ibVPN

With ibVPN, you have arrived to the perfect destination if you are seeking for a VPN service that is compatible with Kodi. This internet service is ideal for usage with Kodi since it provides fast download and upload speeds, making it suitable for streaming videos, and enabling users to connect to peer-to-peer networks, such as torrent. It is great to watch foreign streams on Kodi with ibVPN owing to the various servers that come with the ultimate VPN package. This makes it possible to access a wide variety of add-ons that are accessible for Kodi.

Pricing ibVPN

The choice boils down to one of four distinct pricing tiers for the subscription service. Which one suits you best depends on your requirements. You can see a screenshot of the section of the ibVPN website that lists the rates down below.

As can be seen, the Ultimate VPN is the subscription that costs the most money out of those that are offered. You have access to 130 servers located in 47 different countries with this membership.

  • In addition, using this subscription, you are able to download content via BitTorrent, and you may connect up to three different devices to the VPN service all at the same time. If you pay for a full year of service with ibVPN directly, the Ultimate VPN plan costs only $4.83 a month.
  • The “”basic VPN”” subscription is yet another option for VPN service. The price of this subscription is lower than the price of the other subscriptions. On the other hand, you will be subject to some significant constraints here.

For instance, you are only allowed to connect one device at a time to the VPN server that you are using. In addition to this, the total number of servers to which you have access is reduced from 130 to 100. Thankfully, 100 is still considered to be more than plenty for the typical user. In addition, there are additional features that are incompatible with this subscription, such as the usage of a socks5 proxy.

The “”torrent VPN”” package and the “”ibdns/smartdns”” package are the other two options available to you. When using the former, you will have access to a smartdns, and when using the latter, you will mostly be able to download torrents. This does not provide encryption, but it does enable you to access information and websites that have been blocked. These two subscriptions, the most recent ones, each cost $3.08 per month.

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Free trial ibVPN

A trial of ibVPN allows users to test the service at no cost for a period of twenty-four hours. You will be able to evaluate the quality of this VPN without spending any money by using this method. You will not be required to provide any payment information in order to activate the free trial that lasts for twenty-four hours. Therefore, this is an improvement over other VPN service providers.

Conclusion ibVPN

We would prefer it if logs were not stored while using VPN services; this firm could do a better job of respecting users' privacy. ibVPN's speed also left much to be desired on occasion, which was another drawback of the service. During the time span that we examined, the link, thankfully, did not fluctuate much.

As a result, we are able to assert with complete certainty that ibVPN by itself is a respectable party to subscribe to. The program is user-friendly and straightforward to operate, and there is a diverse selection of servers available. And all of this can be done at a very low cost, which is obviously another significant factor to take into account.

Frequently asked questions

ibVPN is a decent option if you're looking to get around Chinese internet restrictions. It enables you to select a Shadowsocks proxy connection, which allows you to go unnoticed through firewalls.

Despite its claims to the contrary, ibVPN does not perform well for streaming, according to test results.

For those looking to torrent, ibVPN is an excellent choice. Dedicated servers optimized for P2P activity are available on both the Ultimate VPN and Torrent VPN subscriptions.

ibVPN is located outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance in Romania, which means it isn't required to collect or store any of your user data. Its privacy statement makes it clear that ibVPN “does not collect or log any traffic or usage of its Virtual Private Network service.” Because ibVPN has a no-logs policy, it would be unable to provide identifying information on its customers, even if compelled by law.

There is no ad blocker included in ibVPN's service.

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