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proXPN / Tunnelblick Source and OpenVPN Source

Mac Setup Instructions

A step-by-step tutorial for installation of the proXPN client for Mac OSX 10.5 and later.

1. Install the proXPN App.

Double-click the proXPN DMG that you just downloaded. The following screen will appear:

Drag and drop the proXPN icon onto the Applications folder icon to install proXPN.

2. Launch proXPN.

Double-click the proXPN icon in your Applications folder to launch proXPN.

3. Authorize proXPN.

If this screen pops up, you'll need to enter your username and password for Mac OS (You may see this screen more than once the first time you start proXPN).

4. Configure proXPN.

This is optional, but we do recommend automatically checking for updates to proXPN.

5. Authenticate or create an account.

If you already have a proXPN account, enter your username and password and click "Connect". If you don't yet have a proXPN account, click "Don't have an account" to sign up - it takes only seconds.

6. Connect to proXPN.

Click the red padlock icon at the top right of your menu bar. To connect to proXPN, hover over the "Connect" menu and select a server location. Note: if you have a Basic Account, you only have access to our Miami datacenter, and our other worldwide locations will be greyed out.

If you have a Premium Account, you can also choose which VPN protocol you'd like to use (OpenVPN or PPTP) under the "VPN Mode" menu, as well as toggle VPN Guard on and off. Premium Accounts are also permitted to change their VPN port designation.

When you choose your server, the padlock should turn green. That's it - you're connected to proXPN!